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This is Michael Hemingway speaking — I’m a concert, bullfighting and street photographer based in Montreal, who escapes to Spain on a regular basis. In the years that I’ve been learning by doing, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting troves of talented artists in every craft. Perhaps you’re one of them.

There’s a certain question I get a lot, and here’s the answer: I am Ernest Hemingway’s great-grandson, and no, I never met him. Yet, if you’re looking for someone with reference material I can certainly point you to the family member with the right archive.

Just recently I’ve had the pleasure and absolute honor of meeting Paco Cano, the famed bullfighter-turned-photojournalist and great friend of Ernest. To my surprise, he confided in me that the secret to his longevity (104 and counting) was lots of sex.
Perhaps there’s a message there about pursuing your passion throughout your lifetime or “always be making friends,” but I see no reason to think such a thing.



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