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Roca’s Council

Roca Rey salutes the crowd after his near-goring

Roca Rey salutes the crowd and the bull, after his near-goring in Pamplona’s bullring during the 2016 San Fermin Fiesta. Critics predicted this kind of action with Roca’s daring record in the ring.

A Dance

I noticed some time ago that I’ve been unknowingly following the budding career of this young matador.

Kid with the ear

Kid waives a cloth to signal that the bullfighter should receive an ear

The boy turned to his parents, sitting further back, showing them that he thinks this bullfighter deserves an ear for the fight. He waves something white as the judges make their decision.

Portra 400, July 2013


Padilla Awaits his bull

Entering the ring to a cheer as the day nears an end, Padilla waits for his bull.

Valencia, 2015