Screenshot of original landing page

New Site, New Rythm

Hello World,

So to the few that paid attention, gone is the old site. Gone is the mikemingway that we knew, the first site I ever built.

That site came at the tail-end of my fervent curiosity with cameras, and we could say the infancy of my photographic career. I was exploring all sorts of stuff then. From 3D design, digital arts and game design, to mead-making, writing and other evils. A lot of those interests crystallized and I’m still at them today.

With that first iteration, I learned my way around web design, and really paved the way for the web business I’m running now. Of course, it was all static HTML and very hard to update without a CMS. That kinda let me stagnate with uploading, and in turn killed a lot of the momentum I had with my photography. This site is then the answer to that. A fully custom theme I can be involved in with my web design and the WordPress back-end to manage frequent updates should keep me going strong with my photos.

Screenshot of the categories from my site

On top of all that, this new site lets me add way more diverse content, as I’m no longer bound by my original site’s three categories. This was a design decision I learned in school, that of scope, and one I was wisely advised by other designers while considering the redesign. This new site may not be as focused, but hey.

To infinity, and beyond.