A fake Ernest filter alla Yusuf Karsh

The bell tolls for me

So I’ve started University, and the exploration of the much-loathed selfie came about as a project. My interpretation of it’s deconstruction, with a removal of the figurative me, is such:

Non figurative me

It’s a screenshot as one can tell, with leach window and app layered so as to portray my online being in succeeding levels of abstraction. In the forefront, an excerpt from a conversation I had with my girlfriend, and to the right the remainder of the title image (above), concealed in an ad. That would play to my take on the cheapness-appeal of the Selfie. Indeed, the porn is too.

Deleting my history then comes as a gag with the porn, and as a reference to something I’ve done may a time. I’ve deleted whole accounts, and swathes of my online identity, too.

Behind it all, my thoughts, unedited yet out of view. Behind that still, the second place the original image appears, this time as a base64 encoded string, to represent the physical component of a selfie.